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How To Treat Canine Epilepsy With CBD Oil

Canine epilepsy is the most common cause of seizures in dogs. Diagnosis by a veterinarian is required. Once diagnosed, treatment may include prescription medication and CBD oil therapy.

There is nothing quite as scary as seeing your dog go through a seizure. While the moment can make you feel panicked, chances are your dog will be ok after a seizure. However, it is still important to take your fur baby to the veterinarian to find the root cause and, if necessary, get treatment for your pet’s canine epilepsy.

What Causes Seizures in Dogs?

There are a number of things that can cause seizures in dogs, but idiopathic epilepsy is the most common reason for canine seizures. A dog who has epilepsy exhibits at least two unprovoked epileptic events in a 24-hour period. This may include collapsing, stiffening, twitching muscles, drooling, foaming at the mouth, or loss of consciousness. 

There may be other causes of seizures in dogs as well, though, including heat exhaustion, low blood sugar, tumors, head injuries, diabetes, or ingested poisons. To be sure that your dog has epilepsy, it is important to try to video what you can of a seizure as well as to describe them in as much detail as possible to your dog’s veterinarian.

What Is the Treatment For Seizures in Dogs?

Typically, if your dog is diagnosed with canine epilepsy, your veterinarian will prescribe medication. This occurs if your dog is having more than one seizure a month, has clusters of seizures or has severe grand mal seizures. The two most common medications are phenobarbital and potassium bromide. Some dogs are not responsive to standard treatments and require combination therapy. Some dog owners also like to use CBD oil to help their epileptic dogs. 

How Does CBD Oil Help a Dog That Has Epilepsy?

CBD works together with the role of the endocannabinoid system in pets’ seizures reduction. CBD is an effective anticonvulsant for dogs that have idiopathic epilepsy. A dog’s endocannabinoid system is meant to create a stable internal environment known as homeostasis. When epilepsy interferes with that stable environment, CBD supplements can benefit both CB1 and CB2 receptors by calming the overactive neurons and thereby helping to control your pet’s seizures. While it will not heal them completely or prevent your pet from ever having seizures, CBD oil may greatly reduce the number of seizures that your dog has, especially when used in conjunction with veterinarian-prescribed medication.

Never use CBD or other over-the-counter remedies without first talking to your veterinarian. This ensures you use the right dose and there are no interactions.

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