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Managing Your Cat’s Anxiety With CBD Oil

 Managing Your Cat’s Anxiety With CBD Oil

Cats are excellent low-maintenance pets. Unlike dogs, they don’t require regular walks and trips outside. Many older people and people with disabilities have found lifelong companions in kitties. Unfortunately, cats can get anxiety just like any other pet. Cat anxiety causes can include past mistreatment, stressful situations, or illness. Whatever the reason, the question turns to treatment.

Medicinal Treatment

The first way to treat cat anxiety is with medication. Depending on how bad the anxiety is, the vet may prescribe medication similar to what humans take. These meds are at a much lower dose than what people take but are available at the pharmacy and the vet’s office. For milder anxiety, CBD oil is a viable treatment option. CBD is a chemical derived from the hemp plant that gives a therapeutic effect to the user, whether it’s a person or a pet.

When treating cat anxiety with CBD oil, it’s vital to check dosage information. Cats of any breed are susceptible to an upset stomach or chronic dehydration if they have too much of this chemical. While vets can’t prescribe CBD or hemp oil for cats at the office, many will recommend it for pet owners to use. As such, they will be more than willing to advise on dosage and treatment information. If the owner ever has any questions, the vet should be their first stop.

The Science Behind CBD

So it’s been established that CBD oil for cats works, but what’s the science behind it? CBD stands for cannabinoids. These are natural compounds found in cannabis plants, such as marijuana and hemp. The CBD oil used to treat pets is sourced from hemp, so there’s no danger of your kitty getting stoned after use. This unique compound binds to specialized receptors in the brain, allowing the user to feel relaxed, pain-free, and more energetic.

When it comes to treating anxiety, CBD oil prevents stress hormones from reaching their destination in the brain. Because these signals are interrupted, your beloved pet will be able to relax and forget about their anxiety. CBD and hemp oil for cats don’t work instantaneously, however, so it’s essential to time the dosage correctly. If you give your cat their medication too soon to the stressor, it won’t have time to take effect and they’ll have to deal with the full brunt of their anxiety. Whatever the reason for your cat’s anxiety, you can help treat it with CBD and hemp oil.

No pet owner wants their friend suffering from anxiety. With this treatment, cat lovers everywhere can reduce their furry companion’s stress and get on with their routine.

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