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How CBD Can Benefit Your Pets’ Nervous System

Knowing how CBD protects the nervous system of your beloved cats and dogs will help alleviate many neurodegenerative conditions. Understanding the dynamics of the nervous system facilitates the call to action for using CBD to treat and ease high-anxiety situations to make their and your lives easier and more enjoyable.

It is imperative to understand how CBD protects the nervous system when your pets are experiencing degenerative conditions or neurological problems. There are salient benefits to using CBD products to aid in your pets’ care.

What Makes Up a Nervous System in Cats and Dogs?

Your cats’ and dogs’ nervous system is composed of their brain, spinal cord, cells and many nerves that network through their entire body. This complex system is similar to that of humans and provides the same functions which are vital for daily body operations.

The nervous system is further broken down into the central nervous system (CNS – brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS – the remaining portions of the body).

Your pets’ endocannabinoid-neurological system (ECS) is not a third subsection of the central nervous system. However, it is comprehensive in its makeup and interacts with the rest of the body to help preserve and protect a healthy and functioning body.

What Conditions Can CBD Treat in Cats and Dogs? 

If your cat or dog has had any medical difficulties in the past, you want to do everything in your power to alleviate their pain. Do you want to know the answer to what neurodegenerative conditions CBD can treat, in addition to the question of what neurological problems can CBD help with healing? In conjunction with your veterinarian, you can learn the best path forward to treat these conditions and give your pet a better life. Here is a list of some of the conditions that CBD can treat in cats and dogs:

  • Stroke 
  • Degenerative Conditions
  • High-Anxiety Situations 
  • Neurological Imbalances
  • Spinal Cord Disorders 
  • Seizures 
  • Traumatic Injuries
  • Pain Management
  • Arthritis 

How CBD Can Help? 

You might wonder how CBD can ease neuropathic pain. To understand how CBD works to aid your pets in pain management and relief, it is important to appreciate how CBD protects the nervous system for your pets.

When CBD is consumed or administered into your pets’ bodies, the ECS receptors provide calming effects to ease the issue or condition. Body tissues that are composed of neurons are specifically and naturally targeted by CBD to achieve maximum results.

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