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How Long Does CBD Last In Dogs

CBD Oil can provide some of the same benefits that we enjoy to our canine fur babies. The effectiveness of CBD depends on how long it lasts in a dog’s system which is affected by a number of factors including weight, dosage and intake frequency, among others.

Close observation of your dog’s response under the guidance of a veterinarian may indicate the efficacy of CBD.

Just as CBD may help humans due to its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system, the same is true of dogs. CBD has the potential to help your furry friend alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, and control seizures. However, CBD must be given carefully while under proper supervision. It’s also critical to understand how long CBD can last in your dog’s system to ensure you are giving the correct dose.

How Long Does CBD Last In A Dog’s System?

There’s no hard and fast rule for how long CBD will stay in your dog’s system as there are many factors at play:

  •         Activity level 
  •         Biochemical makeup 
  •         Body weight
  •         Diet
  •         Dosage
  •         How often CBD oil is taken 

The last factor is especially important. A single dose may stay in your dog’s system for up to three days. However, some pet owners give CBD oil twice a day, and this kind of repeated and continued use will let CBD linger for up to 10 days or longer.

How Long Will Your Dog Feel The Effects of CBD?

Determining how long it will take your pooch to feel the effects of CBD and how long those effects will last depends on the dosage. Once you’ve determined the ideal dosage, it takes about 30 minutes and lasts for 4-6 hours.

These times are averages. So if you think your pet isn’t feeling the effects until an hour after they’ve received their dose, this isn’t necessarily an indication that the dosage needs to be increased dramatically.

If you find that the CBD oil’s effects are wearing off fast, you can slowly increase the amount administered until the effects appear to last the full four to six hours. Once you notice any sort of negative side effects, reduce the dose again.

How Do I Know If CBD Is Working For My Dog?

If you’re unsure if CBD is working for your dog, think back to why you administered it in the first place. If it was to reduce pain, is your dog showing more ease in moving around? If you’re giving CBD oil for anxiety, is your dog barking less in new environments or around common stressors?

You should also check with your veterinarian before continuing or discontinuing CBD use. They have the resources, skills, and knowledge to diagnose any underlying conditions and prescribe the best treatment for you and your pet. Your vet may also have a preferred CBD product or brand and can discuss the best dosage.

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