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CBD Oil and Pets’ Appetite

It may be difficult to discern why a pet does not have an appetite. Causes may range from dental disease, nausea, illness, pickiness, and vaccination. If there are any other noticeable changes in behavior in your pet, be sure to reach out to your veterinarian.

CBD may be able to help your pet regain their appetite by preventing nausea and reducing stress.

Many pets are food-motivated, meaning they will do almost anything for that treat you’re holding tauntingly out of reach. So, when your dog or other pet experiences a loss of appetite, it can be concerning. A lack of eating may indicate an illness. Regardless of the source of the lack of appetite, CBD oil may be an effective tool to get your pet back to normal.

What Causes Loss of Appetite in Pets?

Because pets don’t talk, it can be difficult to discern what exactly caused the lack of appetite. The inciting source could be one of many things that range from easy to fix to very concerning:

  • Dental disease 
  • General nausea 
  • Illness 
  • New surroundings 
  • Pickiness 
  • Vaccination 

Lack of appetite in and of itself may simply be an indication of your pet preferring a different type of food. However, any other noticeable change in behavior means it’s time to reach out to your veterinarian.

Can CBD Oil Help?

Just like with humans, CBD oil prevents nausea in pets and may help promote a healthy appetite. If the lack of appetite is due to stress or anxiety, this herbal supplement can help calm nerves, too. If you’re concerned about your pet’s lack of appetite, reach out to your vet to discuss CBD oil as a potential treatment. They can discuss how to administer CBD oil to your pets, as well as the proper dosage of CBD oil for appetite management. They may even have a preferred product they sell in-house.

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