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Can CBD Be Used To Treat Pets?

CBD for Pets

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to maintain homeostasis. It has many positive health benefits from being an effective anti-inflammatory to helping deal with nausea. Yet there is not much research on how CBD may help pets. Many are starting to use CBD to deal with their pet’s anxiety and treating GI tract conditions.

As cannabis has gained more public attention and increasingly been legalized, people are increasingly thinking about CBD for pets. At first glance, this idea may seem completely strange.

However, many think it could be a valuable way to treat pets with various ailments.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a substance in cannabis that has various relaxing properties. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not produce a “high” feeling. However, it does have some of the other characteristics associated with cannabis.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the human body. This system helps the body maintain homeostasis, the state of balanced internal microorganisms. People are increasingly looking to CBD as being a possible medicine.

How Are CBD Products Used for Human Health?

Researchers are increasingly finding and exploring positive health benefits associated with CBD. For example, CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory substance. It also helps people deal with anxiety and even sleep better. Some people also take it to help deal with nausea.

In fact, recently a CBD-based medicine was approved for treating two severe pediatric seizure disorders. Patients with those disorders are benefitting significantly from using CBD.

Unsurprisingly, the promising findings on using CBD for humans has led some to wonder whether CBD can be used for pets. Although this area is much less advanced in terms of research, it may not be as crazy an idea as it sounds at first.

Are the Benefits for Pets?

Unfortunately, it is too early to tell whether CBD is useful for pets or not. However, many are starting to try using CBD for pet’s anxiety, for example. Many furry companions suffer from substantial anxiety when left alone or dealing with loud noises such as thunder and fireworks. CBD may be a safe and effective way to help pets with this.

Additionally, many humans have found that CBD is effective for treating severe GI tract conditions such as Crohn’s disease. Animals can suffer from similar conditions. The worst part for many pet owners is that their companions don’t know why they don’t feel well. If CBD treats for pets can help relieve them of some suffering, many argue why not try?

Should You Try It?

Again, the research into the effects of CBD on pets is simply not advanced enough to draw any real conclusions. One 2018 study found that it can increase comfort and activity for pets with osteoarthritis. Another study found a reduction in seizures in dogs with epilepsy. Those results are promising, much like the studies into CBD for humans.

However, caution is important. There is very little research into the side effects for pets. Additionally, it is hard to know what the correct dosage of CBD for pets is. Part of the problem is that pets simply can’t self-report what they are experiencing.

The good news is that research has almost universally found that CBD is a safe substance. So, if you think that CBD could reduce suffering for your pet, it may be worth trying. For example, CBD oil for separation anxiety could greatly improve your pet’s quality of life.

As you start, get in the habit of closely monitoring pets after CBD dose administration. Every pet is a little different, so monitoring is essential. Additionally, start with small doses of CBD oils or treats. Only gradually increase the dosage as you observe your pet tolerating the substance well. Make sure to check with your vet to help monitor your pet’s health.

Get Started

CBD for pets may be a valuable cure for problems such as anxiety and digestive trouble. Learn more today and consider starting to explore CBD usage with your dog or cat.

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