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How CBD Oil Can Help With Edema Inflammation

Edema is swelling caused by fluid retention, which may manifest as tight-feeling skin or body parts that feel heavy.

This acute inflammation is usually the body’s temporary response to injury. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory and may be helpful in treating edema inflammation.

When various parts of the body experience a buildup of fluid, it may lead to swelling or an edema. This sometimes manifests as tight-feeling skin or body parts that feel heavy or difficult to move. The fluid retention can be a result of many underlying causes, including several immediate or long-term health issues. Acute inflammation in the body, especially as a result of injury, can lead to swelling. CBD oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, raising the question of if and how to apply CBD oil for edema inflammation. Here are important things to know about CBD oil and what causes edema inflammation.

What Is Edema Inflammation?

Edema inflammation specifically refers to swelling associated with acute inflammation as a short-term response to tissue damage. Following an injury, a temporary narrowing of blood vessels, also known as vasoconstriction, occurs. This is followed by a widening or vasodilation of these vessels that leads to an increase in blood flow to the site of damage.

A protein-rich fluid known as exudate builds up in damaged tissue due to the increased permeability in blood vessels. When combined with reduced blood circulation, edemas tend to occur. This acute inflammation is usually the body’s temporary response to injury and can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.

Why Is CBD Oil Used To Treat Edema Inflammation?

Besides physical trauma, specific conditions or diseases causing edema inflammation may appear in a matter of hours and days:

  •         Illnesses that end in “itis” such as appendicitis, meningitis or bronchitis
  •         Sore throat
  •         Ingrown toenail
  •         Various infections

Untreated injuries or lingering acute inflammation may develop into various types of chronic inflammation, such as food or substance sensitivity, autoimmune disorders, autoinflammatory diseases and long-term conditions such as asthma, arthritis and certain cancers, among others. Research exploring the endocannabinoid system’s role in treating inflammation shows promise for CBD oil with respect to lingering edema inflammation.

What Else Is There To Know About CBD Oil?

Many people already use CBD for pain management, and while it’s generally considered safe for use, it does come with some possible side effects:

  •         Diarrhea
  •         Dry mouth
  •         Drowsiness and/or fatigue
  •         Changes to appetite and/or weight

Different people respond differently to its effects on the body. Some medications and foods such as grapefruit may interact negatively with CBD oil. As with other supplements and medications, discuss taking CBD oil regularly with your physician, especially as there isn’t a recommended dosage of CBD for edema inflammation.

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