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How the Grapefruit Warning Indicates if CBD May Affect Your Prescriptions

Grapefruit Warning

CBD can alter your body’s metabolism and block the absorption of medicine. This may lead to high levels of medicine the blood stream which can cause a potential overdose.

This is why it is important to not take CBD along with medicine with a “grapefruit warning” as grapefruit is known to do the same thing.

There is a surprising connection between grapefruit and CBD. If you’ve ever seen a warning about a grapefruit-drug interaction on your prescription bottle, you may have a head start in figuring it out.

How CBD Interacts with Your Medications

While research suggests that CBD may profile relief to many physical and psychological issues or disorders with few side effects, there is a potential danger in using this naturally occurring chemical compound: interactions with your medications. CBD can alter your body’s metabolism and block the absorption of your medicines. This may leave high levels of the medicine in your body’s bloodstream, boosting the drug’s effects to levels of potential overdose.

The Grapefruit Interaction Warning Can Be a Guide

The grapefruit and CBD interaction connection comes from how both interact with cytochrome P450 enzymes. This family of enzymes helps your body break down medicines so they do their work and then removed from the body as needed. Both the CBD and grapefruit interactions with cytochrome P450 enzymes inhibit your body’s metabolic function. This slowdown is why doctors do not recommend mixing CBD or grapefruit and drugs for high blood pressure, as the medication will linger in your bloodstream far longer than anticipated.

If you’re considering using CBD, make sure to discuss potential interactions with your physician. You should never consider ceasing your use of medication to take CBD unless instructed by your doctor.

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