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CBD To Treat Snoring?


Snoring is caused by air vibrating in the throat during sleep. It is common, and in many cases, not a problem. However, certain signs — interrupted breathing, headaches upon waking, sleeping poorly — can mean that snoring is a problem. Lifestyle interventions are an effective treatment for snoring, and more intensive treatments — like sleep apnea masks — can help as well. The evidence of CBD’s effect on snoring is mixed.

Snoring is a sound that some people make during sleep, as air vibrates relaxed tissues in the throat. Mild snoring is often not a problem, but extreme snoring can be irritating for a sleep partner, and even indicate underlying problems.

What Are the Complications of Snoring?

Snoring is common and in most cases not a cause for concern. However, certain patterns of snoring can indicate an underlying problem, including sleep apnea — a condition characterized by interrupted breathing during sleep.

Signs of a deeper problem include the following:

  • Notably interrupted breathing during sleep
  • Poor sleep
  • Headaches, sore throat, or chest pain in the morning or night
  • Difficulty concentrating or staying awake in the morning

What Causes Snoring?

A number of factors can lead an individual to snore, including the following:

  • Alcohol consumption before going to sleep is often associated with snoring
  • Aspects of mouth anatomy, including having a low palate, or being overweight, can make snoring more likely
  • Sleeping on one’s back is associated with snoring
  • Individuals with nasal problems are more likely to snore
  • Males are more likely to snore
  • Genetic or familial history factors can influence snoring

How Is Snoring Treated?

As noted, in many cases snoring requires no treatment. In other cases, modest lifestyle adjustments — like not drinking alcohol before bed, or losing weight — can notably reduce snoring.

However, snoring should be addressed by a professional if associated with the above problems, like sleep apnea — or if it is notably interrupting sleep or a partner’s sleep.

More intensive treatments may involve sleep appliances, including a “continuous positive airway pressure” mask for sleep apnea. In significant cases, surgery on the upper part of the airway can allow air to flow more smoothly, and consequently decrease snoring.

Can CBD Treat Snoring?

There is limited evidence of the direct effect of CBD on snoring. One study supported the use of CBD for anxiety disorders, but was more mixed on its role in sleep. However, another study in rats suggested beneficial effects of CBD on sleep, including decreasing REM sleep (which may have an effect on snoring).

Ultimately, more research is needed to fully determine if CBD can effectively treat snoring.

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