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CBD for Weight Loss

weight loss

Recent research shows that CBD shows promise in promoting weight loss. This is achieved due to research indicating that CBD boosts metabolism and reduces food intake.

It has also been found that CBD may help play a role in converting white fat to brown. More research is needed.

While THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, is regarded for its anecdotal ability to induce “the munchies,” there is no such stereotype when it comes to CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis. However, recent research shows that CBD may play some part in promoting weight loss. Still, more research is needed before pinpointing the precise role CBD may play in weight management.

CBD Boosts Metabolism

Initial studies seem to indicate CBD boosts metabolism and reduces food intake. Each of these effects is paramount in reducing weight. In fact, a study conducted on rats found that daily CBD doses led to weight loss in the animals over two weeks. The subjects that received a higher dose of CBD also lost more weight than those at lower doses.

Another study conducted on rats found that the creatures ate less food when given CBD. This is true even when compared to other cannabinoids.

CBD Oil and White and Brown Fat Cells Interaction

The human body contains two kinds of fat: brown and white. Both fats serve an essential function in the body, with white fat protecting organs and providing energy and brown fat giving off heat through the burning of calories. However, brown fat is typically seen as the healthier of the two, as excess white fat is correlative with chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Usually, your body can turn white fat into its healthier counterpart through a variety of healthy choices. Eating well, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep all aid the conversion process, for instance.

Recent research has also shown that CBD may help play a role in converting white fat to brown. Again, while more study needs to be done on human subjects, this shows that CBD may play a promising role in maintaining a healthy weight.

CBD and Losing Weight

Despite these studies, it is still difficult to say for sure that CBD will help you lose weight. While some studies have shown CBD’s role in reducing food intake, others have shown that CBD increases appetite. This means that CBD may cause weight gain, which would make it a most ineffective tool in losing weight. If you’re struggling with your weight and are seeking a solution, make sure to discuss the situation with your doctor. Their guidance should provide you the best path for your needs and your medical history, and while some research shows CBD may help reduce weight, your doctor may find that CBD oil is not recommended as an effective way to lose weight.

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