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Can CBD Benefit Epilepsy Patients?

CBD for Epilepsy

The results for CBD’s effect of epilepsy seizures have been positive. It has been shown to decrease the frequency of seizures in some patients. It has also shown some positive impacts for some on the autism spectrum.

CBD stores are popping up all over the place. In some areas, it seems as though they are becoming as ubiquitous as the golden arches. A lot of claims have been made about the benefits of CBD, which is prompting the increased demand. You may be surprised to know that CBD’s effects on epilepsy seizures have actually been medically studied, and the results are positive.

CBD Oil and Seizures

The use of CBD oil in different types of epilepsy has occurred in clinical studies for years. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first drug derived from the cannabis plant in U.S. history in June of 2018. It is also the first drug approved to treat Dravet syndrome, which is a specific type of epilepsy. CBD oil has shown to decrease the frequency of seizures in some patients. The Epilepsy Foundation even supports its use on their website.

CBD Oil for Autism

When the FDA approves a drug, it becomes regulated, which means that processes and rules are put in place for the production and use of the drug. This impacts the chemical composition and ensure consistent dosage, as well. Without regulation, some people argue that the quality, dosage and other factors of CBD may be compromised or inconsistent. That being said, CBD oil affects neurological functioning, which is compromised by autism, and is said to also have positive impacts for some on the autistic spectrum.

If you are curious as to the truth of the claims that CBD oil for autism and epilepsy is effective, know that the results are promising. While epilepsy seizures have been more thoroughly clinically studied, both epilepsy and autism have demonstrated an improvement in symptoms for both. We are entering a time where more studies will continue to reveal the benefits and any downsides to the use of CBD oil with these and other illnesses. For now, the findings show promise.

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