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CBD as a Treatment for Marijuana Addiction


Recent studies show that around 30 percent of people who use marijuana have some sore of dependence disorder. CBD extract has been shown to alleviate symptoms and neutralize aspects of THC.

It has also shown to be effective in reducing symptoms of withdrawal, aiding in better sleep quality, and preventing erratic behavior and mood swings.

Despite its reputation for being safe enough for recreational and medicinal use, there can be a dark side to cannabis. Recent studies have shown that around 30 percent of people who use marijuana could have some sort of dependence disorder. This is especially true for people who begin to use the drug before the age of 18, who are four to seven times more likely to find themselves dependent than adults.

However, there is hope for those who suffer from a marijuana use disorder.

Using CBD extract for cannabis addiction has been shown to help alleviate symptoms and neutralize some aspects of THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana.

How Does CBD Affect THC?

Even though both CBD and THC are cannabinoids found in marijuana, there appears to be a counteracting force when it comes to how the former interacts with the latter. CBD phytocannabinoids neutralize toxic THC qualities, which means CBD helps lessen the psychoactive effects of its partner cannabinoid.

As the psychoactive effects of THC drop, there exists the potential to help those dependent on marijuana use to move away from the drug. In a very real way, even beyond the symptom-alleviating use of CBD for anxiety or other signs of withdrawal, CBD provides psychological support needed to help quit marijuana.

Does CBD Help With Symptoms of Withdrawal?

Anyone going through the symptoms of withdrawal knows that it’s not easy. However, CBD can help reduce these symptoms and keep recovery moving forward. Many studies show the efficacy of using CBD for better sleep quality or erratic behavior and mood swings. Reducing symptoms can make recovering from marijuana dependence easier. If you’re concerned about your marijuana usage, reach out to a doctor to discuss CBD as an option. They may be able to provide additional information, as well as start you off on an effective dosage of CBD.

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