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Is It Safe To Use CBD When Taking Medication?

CBD plus Medication

CBD can slow your body’s ability to process medicine by inhibiting the liver’s drug-metabolizing enzymes. This is why it is important to not mix CBD with drugs with a grapefruit warning. It is best to consult with a medical professional.

A lot of people worry about finding the right dosage of CBS when taking medication. Is it safe to use CBD with prescription medicine? How much is the right amount?

Taking CBD With Prescription Medication

When you take any medication or other foreign substances, your body processes. Drug metabolism primarily happens in your liver with a family of enzymes called CYP450. CBD can inhibit certain members of this enzyme family, most notably CYP3A4. In other words, it can slow your body’s ability to process medicine.

If you are taking prescription medication, talk to your doctor before taking CBD. In many cases, it can be perfectly safe with an appropriate dose. However, it is best to be safe.

Grapefruit Warning With CBD

You may be surprised to learn that grapefruit can also inhibit the liver’s drug-metabolizing enzymes. Therefore, it can be unsafe to take CBD and prescription medication while regularly eating grapefruit. Similarly, metabolizing several cannabinoids and other substances could be harmful. Again, the best solution is to speak with a medical professional about your situation.

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