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The Effect of Combinations of CBD Oil and Other Forms of CBD and Medication

CBD for Cancer

CBD oil taken topically has little impact on you because it slowly makes its way to the bloodstream. However, if it is taken through an IV or sublingually, it is important to be wary on how the CBD oil will interact with prescribed medication.

CBD interacts with certain enzymes in the liver thus preventing certain medications from having an effect. It is recommended to take CBD with food.

Today, thousands of people rely on CBD oil and THC products to manage pain. While it can be useful, you need to be aware of how CBD will interact with any other substances you are taking. CBD oil and vape pens may go together well, but you need to be aware of other interactions that could impact your body in ways you do not expect.

How You Take CBD

When you use CBD oil and topical products, the chemicals are absorbed through the skin. It slowly makes its way to the bloodstream, so there is a reduced chance it will impact you negatively. When you take CBD through an IV or sublingually, then you have to be more cautious with taking CBD oil and prescription drugs simultaneously. Additionally, you need to be wary of how CBD oil and suppository will interact. The research is still out on whether taking suppositories is good for you, so it is best to avoid it for the time being.

Taking CBD With Food

CBD oil and food go hand-in-hand. When you take CBD orally, the active ingredients go directly into your digestive system, which is why many doctors recommend taking it with food. In fact, you should eat certain foods before taking any CBD to enhance your absorption rate. Ideally, you want to consume foods with medium chain fatty acids that contain six to 10 carbons. This includes eggs, meats, avocados, nuts, fish and coconut oil.

Taking CBD With Prescription Medication

CBD interacts with certain enzymes in the liver. The prescription drugs you take may also need to access those enzymes, but the CBD prevents them from getting that far. Therefore, you need to talk with your doctor to make sure it is safe to take CBD with your prescription medication. If it will, then you need to find another way to manage pain. Contact us with any questions, and make sure to talk to your doctor before changing your healthcare regimen.

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