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CBD Treatment for Heart Diseases

CBD for Heart Diseases

CBD has shown benefits to the cardiovascular system. Some recent preclinical studies have shown that CBD can actually reduce the blood pressure response. It can also increase the flow of blood and reduce the hyper permeation of arteries and vascular stress. More research is needed.

New studies are coming out all the time revealing promising results about the benefit of CBD on myriad illnesses and disease. From epilepsy to depression to arthritis and beyond, CBD seems to impact many areas of the body. Recent studies have even demonstrated the potential benefit of CBD to the cardiovascular system. Here are some areas the show promise.

CBD for Blood Pressure

During stressful events, the cardiovascular responds by increasing blood pressure. However, recent preclinical studies have shown that CBD actually reduces the blood pressure response. More research needs to be done, but recent findings are encouraging to say the least.

CBD and Strokes

Most of the research performed thus far in regard to CBD and the cardiovascular system has been performed on animals. While ongoing study needs to occur on humans, the animal studies have yielded promising results. CBD oil for heart diseases could increase the flow of blood and reduce hyperpermeation of the arteries. In the event of a stroke, CBD oil could protect stroke victims from brain damage and promote brain function.

CBD Oil for Cardiovascular Diseases

It appears that CBD oil may play a role in vascular stress levels as well as the response of the body to high levels of glucose and sugar intake. As for cbd oil and heart palpitations, it may not decrease active heart palpitations, but it does reduce vascular stress, as stated. In addition, if heart palpitations are a result of anxiety, it may provide a sense of calm, which naturally brings the body back to a state of homeostasis. CBD is being studied more and more to identify the positive impacts it may have to health and the body. Many studies identify benefits to using CBD oil. Others show promising results in animals and needs to be studied further. So far, the results provide excitement about its ongoing use.

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