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CBD and Anxiety

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CBD can potentially calm the central nervous system. It can also activate serotonin receptors which increases mood and evokes calmness. It has shown an effect in reducing anxiety.

Anxiety affects everyone.

For most people, anxiety is something they’re able to manage through various coping mechanisms. However, there are people for whom stress is a constant entanglement from which they can’t escape. When this happens, those struggling with anxiety disorders seek out psychiatric help, often with the aid of anti-anxiety medications.

CBD appears to be another tool in the fight against anxiety.

Research is limited, but continuously growing, and it shows that CBD can potentially calm the central nervous system. It also appears that CBD is capable of activating serotonin receptors, increasing mood and evoking calmness. One study looked at a small group of people diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder. Through a double-blind experiment, researchers found that those who took 400 milligrams of CBD daily displayed reduced anxiety symptoms when compared to those taking placebos.

Per U.S. News, another study found that 79 percent of their research subjects demonstrated reduced anxiety.

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