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Using CBD for Graves Orbitopathy Symptom Relief

Graves’ disease patients often experience a multitude of inflammatory symptoms in addition to the usual symptoms of hyperthyroidism like heart palpitations, hair loss, and insomnia. CBD, due to its anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties, may be helpful in alleviating the eye pressure and swelling common to patients with Graves’ orbitopathy. 

If you have Graves’ disease, you are likely always searching for ways to return your body to a state of balance. Because Graves’ is an autoimmune condition that could flare at any time, you must learn to manage your triggers in order to feel your best. Side effects like eye disease are an unfortunate probability of Graves’, but the good news is that these symptoms can be minimized and controlled with the use of both synthetic hormones and natural treatments.

What Is Graves’ Orbitopathy?

Symptoms of Graves’ orbitopathy include the hallmark bulging of the eyes that is common to many Graves’ patients as well as other eye-related symptoms such as pain when moving the eyes, eye dryness, and vision abnormalities. Vision loss is rare, but it can and does occur if this condition is not treated early.

What Could CBD Do for a Graves’ Orbitopathy Patient?

Graves’ disease patients often suffer from insomnia, skin issues, heart disease, and inflammation that affects various parts of their bodies in addition to painful eye symptoms. Using naturally based treatments like CBD for autoimmune disorders will not cure these conditions, but in the case of Graves’ orbitopathy, CBD may help ease painful eye symptoms. When using CBD for autoimmune disorders, the treatment involves focusing on decreasing inflammation overall with the goal of alleviating the symptoms caused by this inflammation.Though CBD for painful eye movement has not been specifically researched, there are a few promising studies that imply that cannabidiol can be used to alleviate muscle and joint pain. Additionally, because Graves’ disease causes swelling in the thyroid as a result of the body’s autoimmune attack, using CBD to decrease the swelling of the thyroid could benefit these patients. When the thyroid swelling is decreased, the eye pressure and pain from Graves’ orbitopathy may decrease as a result.

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