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CBD Oil as an Alternative to Smoking Tobacco

tabacco addiction

Despite the dangers and health concerns connected with smoking tobacco, over 34 millions Americans still continue to smoke cigarettes. Recent research has shown hope in using CBD oil for nicotine addiction.

It has been found that CBD oil vape reduced the number of cigarettes people smoke by 40% and that CBD oil has been found to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal.

There are many ways to state the addictive nature of nicotine but the most effective way is to say that over 34 million Americans continue to smoke cigarettes even though the dangers are broadcasted every day and stamped on every pack.

Smokers are not unaware of these health concerns, but many struggle to find the right treatment or aid to help them stop smoking.

Recent research has shown that there may be hope in using CBD oil for nicotine addiction. By alleviating the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal while also serving as a replacement for the physical act of smoking through vape devices, CBD oil can help quit smoking.

Reducing the Number of Cigarettes

One of the reasons the pull of cigarettes is so strong is because of the way it connects to many parts of a person’s life. Each time you smoke a cigarette while enjoying coffee or go outside for a smoke break, your brain begins neurochemically cementing those connections. CBD vape can replace cigarettes by allowing you to still enjoy the physical act of smoking without the harm of the actual smoke. In fact, a recent study showed that CBD oil vape reduces the number of cigarettes people smoke by 40%.

Alleviating the Symptoms of Withdrawal

Further, CBD oil has a psychological benefit for those who want to quit smoking. This naturally occurring compound has been shown to help reduce anxiety, help with sleep, and stop wild mood changes. CBD does this by activating a part of the brain which increases the availability of serotonin, a neurochemical that promotes feelings of well-being and whose presence often craters when you stop smoking. By boosting these serotonin levels, CBD helps prevent feelings of depression or stress. When working to reduce or quit smoking cigarettes, you should reach out to a doctor and discuss the potential of CBD oil. Your doctor will be able to best guide you on the way back to smoke-free, and disease-free, living.

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