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Does CBD Oil Give Immediate Effect?

CBD oil has been found to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, pain, and stress.

Essentially, CBD takes around 4-6 weeks to start working and producing long-term effects. This is also dependent on the dose and form of the CBD taken.

For an increasing amount of people, the road to relief runs through CBD products. Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, pain, or stress, CBD oil has been found to help alleviate these symptoms and help people recover.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the road to recovery is short, though. While a variety of factors come into play, most people shouldn’t expect instant relief.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil to Start Working?

It’s essential to start with the basic fact that everyone is different and there are several ways to ingest CBD oil. When you start to factor in differing doses, it’s easy to understand why it can be so difficult to pin down an exact number for how long it takes for the effects of CBD to kick in. Essentially, though, CBD is a dietary supplement which takes four to six weeks to start working and producing long-term effects. The amount of time depends on dose and form of CBD, too.

Why Does the Method of Consumption Matter?

While it may take weeks for your body to realize the full benefits of CBD use, your body can still experience short-term effects on a much quicker timeframe. The method of consumption matters, as different forms of CBD start working after different periods of time:

  • Inhalation/smoking: Almost immediately 
  • Sublingually:  20 to 30 minutes 
  • Orally/ingestion: one to two hours 
  • Topically: 90 minutes 

These timeframes should act more as a rule of thumb than a specific guarantee, as products may differ in dosage and concentration. Other factors, like if you recently ate a big meal or one with lots of fiber, can also affect how quickly you feel the effects of CBD.

What Does Dosage Have to Do With It?

The ideal dosage of CBD depends on metabolism and body weight. For those at higher weights, they may need to take more CBD to feel the same intensity of effects as someone who weighs significantly less than them. Body composition is a factor, too, as CBD is stored in fat cells, keeping it in the body for longer.

Your body’s metabolism establishes the rate at which your body breaks down the CBD molecule and distributes it throughout the body. Those with higher metabolisms may experience the effects of CBD quicker, but also may find the effects diminished sooner than those with slower metabolisms. Before taking CBD, you should discuss it with your doctor. They can help determine the best starting dosage and work with you to adjust it as needed. They can also recommend other paths to relief should CBD not be the best option for you.

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