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CBD use for Depression


CBD may be able to aid those with depression by helping certain receptors in the brain better access the body’s naturally produced neurochemicals and also by reducing stress. Cbd has been found to help those with panic disorders.

Depression is ever-present today. While a combination of physical exercise, prescribed medication, and talk therapy is an effective treatment plan, it’s sometimes not enough. Enter cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in marijuana. Many people use CBD for depression and anxiety disorders due to its effectiveness in reducing symptoms and improving mood.

How CBD Affects Mood

The volume of research into how CBD affects mood is small but growing, and early studies show a positive effect. While it isn’t true to say that CBD increases serotonin levels as many mass-market antidepressant medications do, it may help certain receptors in your brain better access the body’s naturally produced neurochemicals. Further, several recent studies demonstrated CBD has an anti-stress effect, even after only one dose.

Using CBD for Mental Health

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that people used CBD for mental health issues beyond depression. Those with social anxiety disorder may find hope in the research done on taking CBD for panic disorders. While, as with depression, more research is needed to better understand the relationship between CBD and anxiety, it does appear that CBD is effective in both preventing panic attacks as well as reducing their strength and length once they occur. Depression is a serious illness that has a major effect on all facets of your life. If you think CBD can provide relief, make sure to reach out to your doctor or mental health professional to discuss its potential role as a treatment.

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