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Can CBD Help Treat Anorexia?

Anorexia Nervosa is a condition in which an individual has body image issues perceiving him or herself as overweight. This condition can cause depression and anxiety which CBD oil has been shown to relieve.

It is also possible for CBD to enhance appetite, however only when it contain other cannabidiols such as THC.

Anorexia is an eating disorder that is associated with below-normal weight. It is a common problem in the United States. Although treatable, anorexia can cause long-term struggles for many people. Unsurprisingly, some people are looking to cannabidiol as a possible treatment for this condition. This begs the question: what does the research say about CBD’s impact on anorexia?

What Is Anorexia Nervosa?

Anorexia nervosa is a medical condition that causes body image issues, particularly with the individual incorrectly perceiving him or herself as being overweight. This can lead to undereating, excessive exercise and other attempts to reduce weight.

The most noticeable symptoms of anorexia include significant weight loss, dizziness, anemia and low blood pressure. It can also cause liver damage, heart conditions, weakened immune system and more.

How Can CBD Help?

It is important to understand that anorexia is a psychological disorder. Although there are many secondary symptoms with physical manifestations, the main issue is the individual’s self-perception. Anorexia may cause depression and anxiety. These symptoms can also worsen the problem.

Research suggests that CBD oil relieves depression and anxiety. The mood-enhancing effects of CBD may be able to help alleviate some of the symptoms of anorexia. Additionally, there may be some metabolic factors in anorexia. CBD is good for metabolism, which may be able to further help in some cases.

It is possible that a product containing CBD enhances appetite. However, this appears to only be when the product contains other cannabidiols, particularly THC.

The current state of research is inconclusive on the benefits of CBD use for anorexia and other eating disorders. Also, there is still a lot to learn about anorexia and the mechanisms for its treatment.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Some studies suggest that CBD alone can suppress appetite. Therefore, it is important to avoid CBD isolate. Full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD may be helpful for anorexia patients.

Furthermore, patients should not attempt to self-medicate with CBD. Used alone, it is not likely to be an effective treatment and may even cause more harm than good. However, it could be effective as part of a more comprehensive therapy. When used under medical guidance, CBD may be able to alleviate some of the more harmful aspects of anorexia.

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