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CBD Oil for Kids

CBD oil for kids

Current research on CBD for kids mainly focuses and has been found to be helpful on disorders like epilepsy. Some research has found that using CBD for hyperactivity has helped reduce symptoms.

CBD does have a few minor side effects. It is best to consult your child’s physician on using CBD for kids.

As the use of CBD oil surges due to its impact on mitigating multiple physical and mental health issues, it makes sense that people would begin to wonder if it could help children in similar ways. With that, though, several questions begin to surface:

  • How should kids use CBD oil? 
  • Is it safe to use CBD for kids with anxiety? 
  • What are the side effects of CBD oil for kids? 

What Are the Benefits of CBD for Children?

Recent scientific studies show CBD offers a range of potential benefits for children. Currently, research has focused mostly on disorders like epilepsy. This focus has allowed for Epidiolex, a CBD-derived medicine, to be legally prescribed to children suffering from seizures.

Beyond the scientific research, there is anecdotal evidence that using CBD for hyperactivity has helped reduce symptoms, including anxiety. As these studies continue, scientists may find many other kids’ diseases CBD oil can treat. Until the necessary research is conducted, though, you should always consult your doctor before giving your child any CBD products.

Are There Any Side Effects of CBD for Kids?

With any drug or supplement, you should watch for potential side effects. When it comes specifically to Epidiolex, for example, clinical trials found relatively minor side effects:

  • Diarrhea 
  • Lessened appetite 
  • Lethargy 
  • Liver abnormalities 
  • Rash 

There isn’t a whole lot of research on what issues are associated with long-term use of CBD. This makes it critical that you keep an eye on your child should your doctor recommend Epidiolex or other CBD products.

How Should Kids Use CBD Oil?

One of the main concerns when giving any medicine to a child is how much to give. This is especially true with CBD. While some research shows 12 to 25 MG of pure CBD can reduce kids’ anxiety, it is difficult to know the best dosage of CBD for kids without consulting your child’s physician. If you believe your child can benefit from CBD use, make sure to start a conversation with their doctor. They are best equipped to assess the situation and present the safest options for you and your child.

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