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CBD Benefits for Breast Cancer Treatment

CBD Benefits for Breast Cancer Treatment (lead image)

CBD oil has powerful potential in the fight against breast cancer.

Recent studies into the efficacy of CBD have demonstrated some promising results for those diagnosed with breast cancer. CBD may inhibit mass growth, thus decreasing the size of breast cancer tumors.

This non-psychoactive component of cannabis can also help alleviate the harsh side effects, such as nausea, pain, and vomiting, caused by many cancer treatments.

What Is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a disease that almost entirely strikes women, though men are not completely free from risk. There are several different types of breast cancer, but almost all of them are malignant tumors that begin in the breast. A majority of these form in the ducts, though some also originate in the breast milk glands. Some of the warning signs of breast cancer are:

  • A lump in the breast
  • Bloody discharge from the nipple
  • Changes in the shape or texture of the nipple or breast

Early detection is helpful in the successful treatment of breast cancer. Traditional treatments include lumpectomy, radiation, chemotherapy and mastectomy. However, research is increasingly coming to the conclusion that cannabidiol offers another treatment option.

Can CBD Oil Be Used in Breast Cancer Treatment?

In 2018, the Farm Bill removed hemp from the list of illegal crops, paving the way for new markets for hemp products. The subsequent legalization of cannabidiol is leading to a growing body of research that aims to study the effectiveness of this substance in the treatment of an array of diseases and conditions, including breast cancer.

How CBD Can Help

For women who are already undergoing chemotherapy, CBD oil offers relief from the harsh side effects the chemical treatment causes, including nausea, vomiting and neuropathic pain. Several studies have also arrived at some promising results for additional treatment potential.

Cannabidiol derived from the fibers of the hemp plant has been found to inhibit mass growth and decrease the size of breast cancer tumors. In addition, multiple studies have found that CBD oil has a significant impact on the Id-1 gene, which is responsible for the cell proliferation that leads to metastasizing cancer. The chemical component of cannabidiol inhibits Id-1 expression, as well as the protein kinase A, which prevents the spread of aggressive cancers to other parts of the body.

While the oil is currently in use for late-stage breast cancer patients, the scientists in one important study suggest that the evidence from current research indicates that CBD oil might be an effective form of treatment for early-stage cancer as well. As the evidence mounts, many women might find it useful to explore CBD oil treatment prior to the toxic traditional methods.

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