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CBD Oil For Cats

Though CBD is generally safe for humans and dogs, more research is needed in determining whether it is safe for cats due to inherent biological differences.

Though there may be anecdotal evidence of cbd’s success in the treatment of cats, it is best to have scientific studies and research pertaining to this subject.

Before giving your cats CBD, it is highly suggested to consult your veterinarian.

While the need for more research is always needed, it’s generally assumed that CBD is safe for humans and dogs. For both humans and canines, CBD may help alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, and control seizures, which helps explain CBD’s growing popularity for both groups.

Cats also experience pain, anxiety, and seizures. So, is CBD safe for them, as well? The answer here is a little more complicated.

Is CBD Safe For Cats?

It’s difficult to understand this question as there’s a distinct lack of research for cats and CBD use. Anecdotal evidence appears to indicate that CBD oil can be safe for cats. This makes some intuitive sense, due to the evidence for CBD’s safe use for humans and canines. However, just because something makes intuitive sense does not mean it’s true.

Dogs and cats process medications differently, which is why your veterinarian will prescribe different medications at different dosages depending on the species. So, even if you’ve found some success in treating your dog’s anxiety or pain with CBD oil, you should still be wary before introducing this compound to your cat or kitten.

How Effective Is CBD?

Because there’s a need for further research about how CBD interacts with a cat’s system, its effectiveness has not been proven. That is, even if CBD is later proven to be safe for a cat, you may not achieve the results you’re trying to receive by administering it to your cat. Further, while anecdotal evidence may show that CBD may be safe for cats, it’s far more difficult to gather anecdotal evidence regarding its effectiveness without using true scientific rigor.

For instance, should you give CBD to your cat and they appear less anxious or demonstrate a higher quality of life, it can be difficult to assign the root cause of that improvement. Scientific studies try to isolate variables to uncover scientific truth. Anecdotal evidence, at best, demonstrates correlation, not causation, and it may be something else that is helping your pet improve.

Should I Consult My Vet?

In a word, yes. Before giving your cat CBD, you should discuss the underlying issues with your veterinarian. They are best suited to diagnose the issue and prescribe proper treatment options. They are equipped to follow up with you and adjust treatment as needed, too.

To reiterate, you should only use CBD oil for your cat under veterinary supervision. So, before you reach for that bottle of CBD oil for your cat, reach out to your veterinarian first.

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