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CBD for Viral Infections

When a virus infects your body, it gets to work redirecting your cells to produce more of the virus. Often, the best treatment is letting your immune system get to work while taking common remedies to reduce the symptoms. While CBD has shown some promise with specific viruses, the current science indicates that it may hinder your immune system’s response and prolong the lifespan of the virus within your body.

A viral infection occurs when a virus enters your body and redirects your cells to produce more of the virus. Viral infections are contagious. However, unlike bacterial infections, viruses require a living host to survive.

Common colds, the flu, HIV, and COVID-19 are examples of viral infections. Due to the commonplace nature of viral infections, researchers constantly look into new therapies and treatments to stymie the spread of the infection both within the body and person-to-person. As part of this research, scientists have looked into whether CBD, the naturally occurring, non-psychoactive component of cannabis, may help those dealing with an infection.

The Symptoms of Viral Infections 

The symptoms of a viral infection will depend on the specific virus. COVID-19, for example, often results in dry cough, fever, and shallow breathing.

Generally, you don’t need to seek immediate medical attention for a common viral infection. However, that need changes if you develop any potential life-threatening symptoms:

•         Bluish lips 

•         Constant chest pain or tightness 

•         Difficulties breathing 

•         Extreme fatigue 

How to Treat Viral Infections 

Your viral infection is often best treated with a healthy immune system. Additional pharmaceutical or medical treatment usually focuses on relieving any of the symptoms. For most people, viral infections can be treated with one or a combination of several common remedies:

•         Resting 

•         Staying hydrated 

•         Taking over-the-counter pain medications 

•         Taking over-the-counter decongestants 

•         Using throat lozenges 

How CBD Can Help 

There is some indication that CBD may help stymie the advance of certain viruses, such as hepatitis C . Overall, though, most scientists and researchers would agree there is a definite absence of clinical data supporting CBD as an antiviral agent.

In fact, because CBD is often considered to have anti-inflammatory properties and inflammation is a tactic used by the immune system to attack some viruses, CBD may actually prolong the life cycle of some viruses. This indicates that CBD should not be taken as a treatment for viral infections.

If you’re struggling with the symptoms of a viral infection, you should seek the advice of a medical professional. They can help diagnose the situation and provide proper treatment.

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