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How Does CBD Oil Affect Canine Tumors?

Receiving a diagnosis that your dog has a tumor can be a heartbreaking experience. Although treatments have improved, many of them can be hard for your canine companion to endure.

However, research suggests that there may be some CBD anti-tumor effects. This could offer a more natural treatment with fewer side effects.

Is CBD Oil Effective at Treating Tumors?

First and foremost, it is important to consult a veterinarian to determine a treatment plan for your dog. However, you can ask about incorporating CBD into the plan. As mentioned, research suggests that cannabidiol may have some tumor-shrinking properties for certain types of tumors. Keep in mind, however, that this research is in the early stages and not sufficient by itself.

Perhaps more significantly, CBD oil support anti-tumor medication. In other words, CBD enhances tumor-shrinking mechanisms of radiation therapy and other proven treatments. So, it can be used to speed up your dog’s recovery.

Are There Other Impacts?

Beyond treating the tumor itself, It appears that CBD minimized treatment side effects like inflammation, pain and nausea and boosts the immune system. Therefore, it can make going through treatment easier for your dog. One of the hardest parts of treating tumors is that your dog doesn’t understand what is happening. Giving your furry friend some relief can be a wonderful thing.

Are There Side Effects?

CBD has been shown to be well-tolerated by dogs with very few side effects. However, again, it is very important to seek the guidance of a trained veterinarian. Every dog’s health and treatment plan are different. Don’t use CBD as part of your dog’s treatment without getting an expert opinion first.

Learn More About CBD

New research continues to show that CBD can have many benefits for people and pets. Check back at Smart CBD Hub to learn more about this promising substance.

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