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Marijuana for HIV/AIDS


A recent study has found that marijuana can block the spread of HIV throughout the body. It was found that THC helped re-build healthy cells that were able to stymie HIV’s growth.

It has been found that CBD may aid in the symptoms of HIV such as nausea and a loss of appetite.

Besides cancer, there may be no disease more associated with medical marijuana than HIV/AIDS.

CBD has proved to be an impactful part of treating the virus in part because of how HIV/AIDS affects the endocannabinoid system. Many of those diagnosed also use CBD for immune system strengthening, which helps combat the ravaging done by HIV/AID.

The Science Behind How Medical Marijuana Helps

A recent study found something surprising about medical marijuana: cannabis-like compounds can block the spread of HIV throughout the body.

Researchers found that while HIV takes almost immediate steps to destroy cells in the gut and intestine, allowing the virus to spread through the bloodstream and throughout the body, THC helped re-build healthy cells that were able to stymie HIV’s growth.

How CBD Can Help with the Toll of HIV/AIDS

While the headline here is how medical marijuana can prevent the spread of HIV within someone’s body, it’s also important to discuss how HIV symptoms can be managed by CBD.

For instance, CBD improves appetite and reduces nausea. CBD also has shown promise in treating psychiatric issues like depression and anxiety triggered by the diagnosis and treatment. CBD may serve as an effective tool in stopping the spread of HIV internally, as well as for treating the symptoms of the virus.

Make sure to discuss it with your physician as a potential treatment option.

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