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Can CBD Be Used To Treat Nausea?

Nausea, or abdominal discomfort with an urge to vomit, is an uncomfortable and potentially long-lasting sensation. It may stem from a range of causes, ranging from mild to severe. Treatment typically depends on its underlying causes, and in some cases, CBD may be an effective way to treat the sensation of nausea.

Nausea generally refers to abdominal discomfort with a corresponding feeling of needing to vomit. It can be mild or severe, and may or may not lead to actually vomiting. What causes nausea can vary widely from person to person, and so understanding the causes and symptoms of nausea are essential to effectively treating the sensation.

What Are Some Causes of Nausea?

Nausea’s causes can range from very mild to severe. While nausea may be an indicator of a health issue, it can also be the result of a single meal or smell, or a side effect of a mild illness. In many cases, nausea does not necessitate any treatment. Common causes of nausea include the following:

  • Dietary causes: Nausea can sometimes result from eating certain foods. While spicy and high-fat foods are fairly common causes, the source can be virtually anything and unique to the sensitivities of particular individuals.
  • Motion sickness: Many people become nauseous in moving vehicles, particularly cars, boats, and airplanes.
  • Infection: A variety of infections can produce nausea, including the flu, ear infections, and particularly infections caused by food poisoning.
  • Cancer: Nausea related to cancer treatment is unfortunately not uncommon. Chemotherapy and other cancer medications are a frequent source of nausea.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy is another common source of nausea. 
  • Ulcers: Ulcers, or sores in the stomach or in the small intestine, may produce a sensation of nausea.

In some cases, there may be no discernible cause for a patient’s nausea. 

Can CBD Help Treat Nausea?

CBD is widely marketed for the treatment of nausea, and some studies do show that CBD for vomiting and nausea may be an effective treatment. This appears particularly true for individuals undergoing cancer treatment. There is evidence that the human endocannabinoid system plays a role in managing nausea and vomiting, offering a plausible pathway for CBD’s efficacy in treating the sensation of nausea..

Individuals suffering from nausea may benefit from taking CBD. However, any treatment plan, including one involving CBD, should be discussed and undertaken in consult with a healthcare professional. Use of CBD may be discouraged or encouraged depending on the determined underlying cause.

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