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How This Cannabinoid Can Help Those With Inflamed Thyroids

Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disorder that alters the way the immune system acts by directing its focus on a healthy thyroid, which causes it to become inflamed. The main symptoms of this disease is a goiter, an enlarged thyroid. CBD may help by boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation.

Hashimoto’s disease is the leading cause of underactive thyroids in the United States. An autoimmune disorder, it alters the way the immune system acts by settings its aim on a healthy thyroid. This leads to this essential gland becoming inflamed, which, in turn, reduces energy and slows many bodily functions. Due to the issue of inflammation, researchers have looked into whether CBD, a known anti-inflammatory supplement, may help those diagnosed with the condition. While more research needs to be conducted, the initial results show potential.

What Causes Hashimoto’s Disease?

There isn’t a clear cause behind why this disease affects 5% of the U.S. population. Many researchers believe it’s the result of certain genes combining with a virus.

There may also be some demographics at play with Hashimoto’s disease. It’s eight times more common in women than men and tends to affect those between the ages of 40 and 60 most often. You may also be more likely to be diagnosed with the disease if you’ve been diagnosed with other autoimmune disorders, such as Addison’s disease or lupus.

What Are The Symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease?

The first indication of Hashimoto’s disease is an enlarged thyroid. Also called a goiter, the enlarged thyroid will look visibly larger and cause feelings of fullness in your throat. However, this typically does not cause pain.

As the thyroid controls how your body uses energy, this disease can also affect you in other ways:

•         Depression 

•         Dry or thinning hair 

•         Increased tiredness 

•         Intense or irregular menstrual periods 

•         Issues becoming pregnant 

•         Slowed heart rate 

•         Weight gain 

How Can CBD Help?

Research indicates that CBD boosts the immune system by helping to regulate it. Scientists have also found some efficacy behind using CBD for thyroid inflammation as CBD is well-regarded for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Before using CBD for your thyroid condition, it’s important to ask for advice from a medical professional. They can best assist you in diagnosing any underlying cause and providing proven, medically-sound treatments.

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