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Kids’ Diabetes and CBD Oil

Kids diabetes

Nearly 200,000 children have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in America. As for whether CBD can help kids with diabetes, it seems as if more research is needed, though initial studies appear promising.

CBD has been found to reduce neuropathic pain which may aid in managing blood sugar levels. It can also help alleviate side effects of diabetes by being an anti-inflammatory and reducing blood pressure.

According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 200,000 children and adolescents have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes with over 20,000 new cases diagnosed each year. This concern has propelled parents to find the right treatment for their kid’s diabetes. Many are turning to CBD oil for kids who are struggling with the symptoms and current treatment options. Before turning to this herbal supplement, though, it’s important to go over the science of diabetes and what effect CBD may have.

Can CBD Oil Help Kids With Diabetes?

More research needs to be done before determining the efficacy of CBD oil as a treatment option for kids’ diabetes. However, initial studies appear promising, even if in an indirect way, in stating CBD’s ability to help manage blood glucose levels.

For instance, chronic pain, cramping, and discomfort are typical symptoms of diabetes. When this occurs, the body’s stress hormone levels rise, which then also raises the blood sugar levels. It does appear that CBD oil reduces neuropathic pain, which means it may play an indirect role in helping to manage blood sugar levels.

Can CBD Oil Provide Relief for the Side Effects of Diabetes?

While it is not scientifically proven that CBD oil stabilizes blood sugar, the antioxidant properties of CBD may help alleviate some of the side effects of diabetes. This antioxidant property kicks off an anti-inflammatory response within the body, which aids in lowering arterial inflammation.

Another common side effect of diabetes is high blood pressure. A recent study found that CBD keeps blood vessels open which reduces blood pressure. As an insight into the potential of CBD oil here, the reduced blood pressure happened after a single dose.

If you’re struggling to manage your child’s diabetes, make sure to reach out to their doctor. They can discuss the side effects and help you develop a treatment plan that manages them. If they recommend CBD oil, they are best suited to go over the advantages and disadvantages and point to the best starting dosage.

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