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CBD For Kids With Autism

cbd for autism

CBD has been found to alleviate many symptoms of autism such as epilepsy, anxiety, sleeplessness, stress, and aggression.

Anecdotal evidence also show that CBD may be useful for behavioral and speech issues like tantrums. It is important to first check with your doctor before starting on CBD.

A neurological disorder with no known cause, autism has a wide spectrum of outcomes for those diagnosed with it. For some, the symptoms may be mild and capable of being managed. For others, though, the symptoms may be more severe, causing a disruption not only in the autistic person’s lifestyle but those that care for them, too.

However, there appears to be a treatment that has shown an ability to reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with autism. Using CBD for Autism Spectrum Disorders has shown potential in both clinical and real-world trials.

The Potential of CBD

A recent study in Israel found that CBD can help to alleviate disorders such as epilepsy, anxiety, sleeplessness, stress, and aggression. As many of these disorders show up as symptoms of autism, there appears to be hope that CBD can have an impact on those with autism.

Anecdotal evidence also points to the potential power of CBD for families with autistic members. These families found that using CBD for behavioral and speech issues helped. Tantrums grew infrequent, anxiety fell dramatically, and speech development blossomed. This potential needs to be further studied to confirm the causal relationship between the drop in symptoms and the use of CBD, but the initial stories are overwhelmingly positive.

Before Starting CBD

The most important first step in any autism treatment is to check with your doctor. It needs to be said that cannabis is not a realistic option in treating autism in every case. There may be legal ramifications for providing CBD to children. Your local CBD purveyors may be selling products with impure CBD or that contain unsafe ingredients. Your doctor will also have questions for you regarding your child’s baseline health and behaviors, and what steps you’ve already taken to mitigate symptoms. It is essential to have detailed notes about these subjects so your doctor can provide advice based on current and accurate information.

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