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11 health issues CBD oil can help

11 health issues CBD oil can help Image

CBD has shown a multitude of benefits and can help with many common health issues. These include conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, stomach/intestinal pains, epilepsy, depression and osteoporosis. It has been shown to reduce anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation. CBD may improve eye health and brain function.

You can expect CBD oil to help you with these 11 common health issues. Here’s the list of issues:

Health Issue 1: Reduce Anxiety

Fortunately, anxiety has a chemical basis, which means it can be medically treated. If you’re sensitive to medications or want to try a more natural approach to treatment, you can try CBD oil for anxiety.

Health Issue 2: Reduce Chronic Pain or Inflammation

CBD for pain has been in practice for years now, and many people report feeling immensely better after frequent CBD usage.

Health Issue 3: Helps Arthritis Pain

The fact is that research does suggest that CBD oils for arthritis and other illnesses can be effective for many people. Cannabinoids mimic natural neurotransmitters in the brain by attaching themselves to receptors. It may attach to a specific CB2 receptor that impacts pain and inflammation, which are directly related to arthritis.

Health Issue 4: Treatment for Heart Diseases

From epilepsy to depression to arthritis and beyond, CBD seems to impact many areas of the body. Recent studies have even demonstrated the potential benefit of CBD to the cardiovascular system with issues like blood Pressure, strokes, cardiovascular diseases.

Health Issue 5: Improve Eye Health

Many people have started to examine whether using CBD oil for eyes can improve overall eye health or treat certain conditions such as glaucoma. Glaucoma has a long-established association with medicinal cannabis use. It is believed to help reduce pressure in the eye that can worsen glaucoma. Many patients report positive benefits and pain relief. Read on to learn a little more about CBD oil and eyesight.

Health Issue 6: Helps with Brain Function

Research is ongoing, but studies have been occurring for more than a decade over the impact of CBD for brain and many of the findings are very positive.

Health Issue 7: Solutions for Bones, Osteoporosis

If you’re wondering if CBD is helpful for muscle, bone, general pain or all of the above, you will find this information helpful. Research indicates that bone and joint pain are indeed positively influenced by CBD.

Health Issue 8: Treat Stomach Conditions

Research continues to show the positive benefits of CBD use. Some of the better documented benefits are its inflammation-reducing effects and its impact on appetite. Both of these effects are potentially beneficial for stomach and GI tract health.

Health Issue 9: Improve Intestinal Health

Could CBD oil help with intestinal health? The answer seems to be yes. As more and more studies are published, the benefits of CBD keep being revealed and reinforced. Many are now looking to CBD oil for gut inflammation and other GI-tract issues.

Health Issue 10: Get rid of Depression

The results of these studies have shown great promise and so have the studies for CBD and depression. If you struggle with anxiety or depression, CBD may be right for you. Here’s how it works.

Health Issue 11: Helps with Epilepsy

You may be surprised to know that CBD’s effects on epilepsy seizures have actually been medically studied, and the results are positive. CBD oil has shown to decrease the frequency of seizures in some patients. The Epilepsy Foundation even supports its use on their website.

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