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Valens GroWorks

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Valens GroWorks (OTCMKTS: VGWCF) is a company that focuses on cannabis extracts and its influence in creating derivative cannabis products. Valens makes its money with extraction through three popular means: tolling (when extraction companies turn another company’s cannabis into oil for a flat fee), private labeling (when an extraction company buys cannabis, extracts it themselves, and then sells it under their own brand), and white-label services (when an extraction company buys cannabis, processes it, and then sells the fully packaged product to a third party).

Valens is an expert on all three levels of extraction, yet has an emphasis on white-label production, which allows Valens to add more value with pricing power and overall margins improvement. Through this, Valens caters to the high-end cannabis derivative product market by creating extracts that fit those companies’ specific needs.

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