Our Mission

Today's lifestyle is permeated with the use of prescription medications. We take pills to get well, yet are affected with an array of side effects from the pills, that cause damage to parts of our body. SmartCBDHub.com is to provide... Read more

CBD Oil and Appetite Suppression

CBD Oil and Appetite Suppression When most people think of cannabis-derived products and appetite, they think of getting the “munchies.” However, this may not be Read More

CBD For Celiac Immune Disorder

Celiac disease is an immune reaction to gluten that can cause longterm damage to the intestines. CBD may help reverse the damage and alleviate symptomsRead More

CBD for Weight Loss

While some studies have shown that CBD may boost metabolism and help convert white fat to brown, CBD oil is not recommended as an effective Read More

CBD Oil and Intestinal Health

Could CBD oil help with intestinal health? The answer seems to be yes. Since 2018, CBD has been legal in all 50 states and is receiving ever-increasing Read More

Does CBD Cause Diarrhea?

Another potential side effect, one that, anecdotally, appears frequently, relative to the others, is diarrhea. This may be surprising, as CBD binds with the CB1 Read More