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Can CBD Oil Be Used To Treat Symptoms of IBS?

Stress and anxiety are major factors in whether irritable bowel syndrome patients will experience flare-ups of their condition. When using CBD for IBS, patients can focus on decreasing their overall stress level in order to break the cycle of chronic discomfort and unpredictable bathroom trips.

Irritable bowel syndrome is likely a condition that everyone knows about, but as the symptoms of stomach conditions are still very much a taboo discussion topic in polite society, many sufferers of this common condition are unheard and untreated. Many IBS patients turn to alternative treatments, including CBD oil, to alleviate everyday symptoms of this chronic and sometimes confusing condition.

What Are the Main Symptoms of IBS?

IBS is classified as either IBS-C and IBS-D, depending on whether the patient deals with a large intestine that is underactive, which causes chronic constipation, or overactive, which triggers bouts of diarrhea. For many people, the condition is tied to stress and genetic predisposition. New research indicates that CBD for IBS may be able to function as a primary treatment for irritable bowel symptoms.

Patients with chronic pain syndromes like fibromyalgia may suffer from IBS more frequently than other patients, and it’s common for IBS patients to be sensitive to certain foods like dairy products or fatty foods. Though IBS is not dangerous to an individual’s overall health — it will not progress into a more serious condition or cause damage to the bowel — it can be uncomfortable at best and debilitating at its worst.

How Could CBD Oil Alleviate These Symptoms?

Cannabidiol has natural inflammation-reduction properties, but unlike other components of cannabis like THC, it does not produce the “high” feeling that one may associate with marijuana. CBD has been specifically studied for its role in treating chronic pain and anxiety.

The analgesic properties of CBD oil may help individuals with IBS reduce pain levels associated with chronic constipation, and the anti-anxiety properties of CBD could help reduce the tension and stress that many IBS sufferers face. Overall, CBD could help the IBS patient break the cycle of chronic abnormal bowel movements by decreasing a patient’s overall stress level: Stress is thought to be a major trigger for IBS symptoms

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