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The Synergy of the Entourage Effect

Synergy of entuarage

The entourage effect comes into effect when ingesting the cannabis plant in its entirety as opposed to taking CBD apart from the other natural cannabinoids found in the plant. A study has shown that sufferers get more relief when using CBD in conjunction with other cannabinoids including THC.

CBD products have become an important resource for those looking for the therapeutic benefits that Marijuana can provide. However, disregarding the other chemicals found within the plant could leave you with only receiving a small portion of its potential. Looking more closely at the entourage effect, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for CBD users.

Working Together

When faced with finding appropriate medications to alleviate a host of symptoms, many doctors prescribe a variety of drugs in conjunction with each other. This polypharmaceutical approach has patients taking more and more pills, leaving the opportunity for error or even depression associated with failing health. An alternative would be to find one method of delivery that would allow patients to get more benefits than a single medication, as well as allow the natural interconnectivity of the source to offer even greater relief.

The entourage effect comes into play when ingesting Marijuana in its entirety in lieu of taking synthetic CBD, or by taking the compound apart from the other natural 85 Cannabinoids that are found in the plant. At SmartCBDHub.com, we understand the therapeutic benefits that the compound provides but also look at how consuming the plant in its entirety can be more advantageous. A recent study has shown that sufferers get much more relief when using CBD in conjunction with other cannabinoids, including THC, in its natural state.

The Hidden Advantage

Society today has largely become accustomed to taking one type of medication at the exclusion of others. Instead of relying on CBD alone, it is possible to get more benefits from the natural relationship these compounds have with each other. By taking only a single compound, professionals and those in their care may be doing themselves a disservice. There may be more to CDB than doctors and patients realize, and as more research is done, its true value can finally be unearthed.

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