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How CBD Can Help Work Out Your Gout

Gout is a type of recurring arthritis associated with inflammation.

It occurs when too much uric acid has crystallized in the blood leading to swollen joints with redness, tenderness, and heat. Many patients may use CBD for pain management. CBD also has anti-inflammatory effects that may be helpful particularly for joint pain associated with arthritis.

To some people, gout might sound like an old-time condition like smallpox or consumption. Because it tended to affect older males, it was sometimes referred to as the “rich man’s disease.” It is a type of recurring arthritis associated with inflammation that manifests as a swollen joint with redness, tenderness and heat. It’s associated with a rapid onset of pain, and affects the joint at the big toe in almost half of the cases. Recently, gout has become much more common, most likely due to a longer-living, more obese population and dietary changes. With CBD’s ascent as therapy for both inflammation and pain, it’s worth exploring it as a possible treatment for gout.

Exploring Gout

It’s important to understand what causes gout and know the symptoms of gout pain. Uric acid is generated in the body as part of the metabolic process and is usually found in urine. The crystallization of uric acid in the blood in high concentrations is the main cause of gout. Genetic predisposition, diet and too little excretion of uric acid salts are the primary causes of this high concentration of uric acid in the blood. While gout tends to show up as inflammatory arthritis at the base of the big toe, it may also show up in other joints as well. Other symptoms and effects include the following:

  •         Fatigue
  •         Fever
  •         Hard pieces of uric acid, known as tophi
  •         Bone erosion from excess tophi
  •         Kidney stones
  •         Worsening kidney function

 Treating Gout

Gout treatments are usually focused on reducing pain, unless attacks are shown to be chronic. At that point, the goal becomes to lower the levels of uric acid either through medication or reduced intake of purine-rich foods. The initial acute attacks are usually managed through certain methods of pain relief:

  •         Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  •         Colchicine
  •         Steroids
  •         Ice therapy

Many patients use CBD for pain management, so your doctor might see value in prescribing CBD for acute gout attack. Others also use CBD for inflammation in the body, particularly for joint pain associated with arthritis.

Using CBD Oil

It’s important to know how to apply CBD oil for gout pain. While some experts suggest taking a small amount of CBD oil for certain types of arthritis, you should always consult your doctor first. Although more research is needed to observe and analyze the specific effects of CBD on a gout attack, under a doctor’s close supervision you may experience some relief.

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