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Can CBD Oil Help Drug addiction?

cbd addiction

Addiction is generally broken into three components: intoxication, withdrawal, and relapse. CBD has been shown to help those recovering from addiction in all three stages.

It does this by its abilities to lower anxiety, reduce stress, promote a regular sleep cycle, and lessen nausea. CBD has also been found to reduce cravings by decreasing context-based, drug-seeking behavoirs.

Per a 2017 survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, close to 20 million American adults have dealt with some sort of substance use disorder in the past year. This number is astonishing, not just due to the impact of those battling addiction, but for the family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers who are also impacted by this disease.

One potential treatment for those addicted to drugs is CBD. Using CBD for opioid addiction or heroin-use disorders is an increasingly popular alternative and supplement to other treatment programs due to the way this non-psychoactive compound helps reduce drug-seeking behavior and alleviates the symptoms of withdrawal.

The Science of CBD and Intoxication

Doctors generally break addiction into three components:

  • Intoxication 
  • Withdrawal 
  • Relapse 

In each of these stages, CBD has shown the ability to help those recover from addiction. When it comes to intoxication, a recent meta-study showed that CBD reduced the “high” feeling users get from opioid use. By lowering the intensity of this feeling, CBD helped stop the way opioids can hijack the brain’s pleasure and reward center.

CBD Reduces the Symptoms of Withdrawal

It is commonly accepted that CBD oil lowers anxiety and reduces stress. This, in part, is how CBD can help those going through the painful process of drug withdrawal. CBD can also help promote a regular sleep cycle, lessen the effects of nausea, and keep wild mood swings in check. By inhibiting these symptoms, CBD helps keep those recovering from drug use on the path to recovery.

CBD Lowers the Chance of Relapse

Perhaps the most impactful way CBD helps promote recovery is its potential for lowering the chance of relapse. CBD oil reduces cravings by decreasing context-based, drug-seeking behaviors. The increased use of CBD oil for relapse prevention comes from the compound’s ability to disrupt the memories associated with drug use. This disruption keeps the brain from tying contextual clues (such as the image of a syringe) to the act of drug use.

Talk to Your Doctor About CBD as a Treatment Option

If you or someone in your life is dealing with drug addiction, reach out to your doctor today. They can discuss potential treatment options and provide support to you or the person in your life who needs help. They are also the best person to discuss how CBD oil can have a positive impact on the road to recovery.

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