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CBD Oil For Combined Type ADHD

Combined type ADHD includes symptoms of the first two subsets, such as being easily distracted, impatient, or forgetful. CBD may help with ADHD in treating the symptoms by three ways: reducing anxiety, reducing stress, and reducing feelings of depression. More research needs to be conducted pertaining to the effectiveness of CBD in treating ADHD.

Over eight percent of children and around three percent of adults have been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, more commonly referred to as ADHD. These numbers make ADHD among the most common mental health disorders.  

Still, its commonality doesn’t always make treatment easy. Common treatments like stimulants can have severe side effects or take several dosage adjustments before becoming effective. Behavioral therapy is also typically offered as treatment, as well, to help create structure and provide strategies for handling the symptoms. 

Because of its relative success in treating depression and anxiety, two common symptoms of ADHD, CBD is increasingly used to help manage ADHD symptoms. To better examine why, we’ll explore the symptoms of ADHD, its causes, and the benefits that CBD can provide. 

What Are The Symptoms of ADHD? 

When diagnosing ADHD, clinicians will often include one of three subsets that better describe the specific type of ADHD a person may have. These subsets are inattentive type, hyperactive/impulsive type, and combined type. Combined type, per its name, includes the symptoms of the first two: 

  • Carelessness in common tasks 
  • Consistently loses needed tools (like books, cell phones, keys, and wallet) 
  • Difficulty listening 
  • Doesn’t manage time well 
  • Easily distracted 
  • Extremely talkative 
  • Forgetful 
  • Frequently fidgets 
  • Impatient 
  • Interrupts or cuts into conversations 
  • Lack of attention 
  • Unable to stay seated when appropriate 

Usually, it takes at least five or six of these symptoms to be apparent for a diagnosis to be made. Further, these symptoms should not be considered if the person demonstrating them is doing so in a defiant manner or cannot understand the stated tasks. 

What Causes ADHD? 

When a family member is diagnosed, one of the first questions the family asks is “Can ADHD be a genetic disorder?” The answer is yes. Evidence exists that genetics are a component of ADHD. However, other potential sources include issues during fetal development and brain injury.  

What Are The Benefits of CBD for ADHD? 

There are three main ways CBD oil may help reduce the symptoms of ADHD: 

More tests need to be conducted on CBD to determine its effectiveness in treating ADHD. However, the current research demonstrates the potential of CBD.   If you or a family member is showing the symptoms of ADHD, please discuss the issue with your doctor. They are best equipped to diagnose the cause of the symptoms. A doctor can also explore with you the best treatment options specific to your needs.

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