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Allergies and CBD

CBD for Allergy

As an anti-inflammatory, CBD may be helpful in dealing with allergies.

If you suffer from chronic or seasonal allergies, you know how inhibiting they can be to almost any lifestyle.

The sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and congestion can be challenging to handle, mainly because these are your body’s defenses against otherwise harmless substances, like dust or pollen.

However, it does appear that CBD may be a path forward for those dealing with allergies. CBD has been shown to have some anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with hyperreactive airways, asthma, or nasal inflammation.

CBD’s analgesic properties also help alleviate the pain that occurs with allergies.

While there hasn’t been a ton of research into CBD for allergy recovery, most researchers seem to agree that CBD in its currently available form may not be potent enough for most people’s allergies.

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