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Combining Alcohol/Caffeine with CBD oil

Coffee Alcohol

Alcohol and caffeine have ranked among the most used drugs in the world throughout human civilization. While both may have benefits when used in moderation, they can become addictive and impart negative health consequences if imbibed too often or at high volume. While cannabis and marijuana use dates back just as far into human history, the use of CBD, the non-psychoactive component of marijuana, as a supplement is a new development.


So, what happens when CBD is mixed with alcohol or caffeine?

Our guide will help you navigate these potent combinations.

Mixing CBD With Alcohol

When used at the same time, these two drugs tend to heighten each other’s effects. CBD mixed with alcohol increases sedation and sleepiness.

Recent studies have also shown that mixing CBD with alcohol results into changing moods and behavior, including a lessening of motor coordination and inhibitions.

At the same time, other research shows that CBD may protect against alcohol’s side effects including potential damage to the liver or brain. Some experts believe CBD can help decrease the number of drinks someone has in a night, adding further health benefits.

Mixing CBD With Caffeine

Most people can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning to get themselves going, but those that need to refill their mug throughout the day may struggle with some of the negative impacts of caffeine.

Luckily, CBD oil reduces caffeine side effects like anxiety and nausea.

This combination makes the coffee-CBD combination increasingly popular among those who need the jolt of energy but not the beating butterfly wings of anxiety. That said, some science shows that the effects of CBD dissipate at a higher temperature, so it may be best not to mix the two directly if you’re aiming to receive the benefits of both.

If you’re not sure about mixing CBD with your daily cup of coffee or nightly nightcap, make sure to reach out to your doctor. They can discuss possible interactions with you and help ensure you’re consuming safe levels of alcohol, caffeine, and CBD.

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