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What Is CBD Wax?


CBD wax is the more solidified version of CBD oil. It may be labeled under different names such as CBD Shatter and CBD Live Resin. Unlike oil, CBD wax is usually applied topically and can be vape

By now, you are probably familiar with CBD oil and some of its various forms. Oil is one of the most prevalent forms, but wax has many merits. You may be wondering about the benefits of CBD wax. If you are curious how CBD wax is used, you have come to the right place.

Types of CBD Wax

CBD wax is more solidified than oil, which is a visual queue that it is a different product. However, wax packaging may not be labeled as such. Instead, there are several names you may find on wax product labels, including:

  • CBD Shatter
  • CBD Budder
  • CBD Crumble
  • CBD Live Resin

These products are still CBD wax but in various forms.

How CBD Wax Is Used

Wax is not generally ingested, unlike oil. It can, however, be applied topically and absorbed into the skin when it contains a type of solvent or carrier. CBD wax can also be vaped. Some of the benefits of CBD wax include relief from depression and anxiety. CBD has also shown to have a positive impact on arthritis and seizures. This is true in its wax form as well as others. Whatever type of CBD form you use, proper use and dosage are critical components.

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