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How To Use CBD for Parkinson’s Symptoms Including Emotional Changes

Parkinson’s disease is most common in men who are over 50 years old. Symptoms can include tremors, speech difficulties, movement and gait problems, and emotional changes that range from mild to severe. The irritability, anxiety, and depression that frequently accompany this condition may be helped with high-quality CBD products.

Almost one million Americans are living with Parkinson’s disease. This condition can take its toll mentally, physically, and financially on patients and their families. It’s of high priority for many of these patients to find alternative means of easing their everyday discomfort including tremors and difficulty walking — but others’ main concern is finding a way to manage their unpredictable mood swings that often accompany this neurological condition. Cannabidiol, or CBD, treatments are being researched for their efficacy in relieving several types of Parkinson’s symptoms.

Parkinson’s Symptoms in Everyday Life

Though Parkinson’s disease patients are known for the characteristic tremors that may cause shaking hands, difficulty walking, and speech difficulties, they may deal with a host of additional symptoms daily that can include emotional changes ranging from mild to extreme. Mood changes are often a core symptom of this neurological disease. In more advanced cases, Parkinson’s patients may suffer from dementia and hallucinations.

How CBD Can Help Parkinson’s Patients

Progressive, neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s are difficult to manage even with modern medications and therapy. Patients often work with a team of medical professionals to manage movement, sleep, pain, and emotional issues. Depression, in particular, can be a component of Parkinson’s, and it may be an indication that the condition is worsening over time. CBD improves mood issues in many Parkinson’s patients. If you or a loved one has Parkinson’s, you could try using cannabidiol products for the following symptoms:

•         Depression

•         Anxiety

•         Tremors and other motor symptoms

•         Chronic pain

•         Insomnia

•         Psychosis symptoms such as hallucinations

Dementia that accompanies Parkinson’s often results in hallucinations, extreme mood swings and irritability, and depression. Many patients feel that they have lost control of both their movements and their emotional responses to everyday events that would otherwise not upset them. Consider using CBD for stress and better sleep when looking at alternative treatments that help you manage emotional changes related to Parkinson’s disease.

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