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CBD for Muscle Pain

Muscle pain can be caused by a variety of issues, including introducing a new workout to your routine or from overuse of your muscles. Even if you’re not an Olympic-caliber athlete, CBD may help reduce soreness, improve recovery times, and stymie pain. CBD can do this through its interactions with the endocannabinoid system, which plays a regulatory role within the body and can help limit inflammation.

Chronic muscle pain can make it difficult to accomplish your day-to-day needs. This remains true even if you aren’t an Olympic-level athlete or physical specimen. Indeed, some of the most impactful pain can stem from essential work that is often not considered especially stressful.

Far too often strong medications are considered the remedy for pain. However, recent research demonstrates the potential of using CBD for muscle soreness, pain, and inflammation.

Reasons for Muscle Pain 

There are many sources of muscle pain and soreness:

•         Arthritis 

•         Chronic fatigue syndrome 

•         Cramps 

•         Lack of sleep 

•         Muscle stress 

•         New workout activity 

•         Repetitive use or overuse of muscles 

•         Various inflammatory diseases, such as polymyositis or rheumatoid arthritis 

Unless you’re experiencing dizziness, fever, extreme muscle weakness, or trouble breathing, you likely don’t need immediate medical care for these issues. Still, their impact on your daily routine can be significant. This makes it essential to find ways to remedy the pain.

Using CBD for Muscle Pain 

Pain is a physiological result that often stems from things like inflammation. The endocannabinoid system, with which CBD interacts, plays a regulatory role within the body. This means taking CBD for inflammation can lead to reduced symptoms, like pain. Of course, for those that work out regularly, this also means there may be some efficacy for using CBD for post-exercise inflammation, specifically.

The Right Dosage of CBD For Muscles 

CBD extract comes in many forms. You can purchase it as a tincture for sublingual use or mix in with food or beverages. There are also CBD-infused creams available that allow for direct application on sore or painful muscles.

However, there’s no set dosage for taking CBD for muscle recovery, pain, or soreness. Ideally, with consultation from your physician, you should start at a low dosage and slowly increase your dosage as needed.

It’s essential to discuss any chronic muscle pain issues with your doctor. They can help determine the specific origin of the pain and work with you to determine the ideal treatment plan.

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