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CBD Use for Bone Health

 CBD Use for Bone Health

A study has found that CBD stimulated the biochemical healing properties in bone fractures. It can help spur regeneration and thus combat the loss of bone density caused by osteoporosis. It also is helpful in battling pain and inflammation.

As you grow older a broken bone goes from a minor entry in your list of childhood scrapes and bruises and turns into a life-altering experience. For those looking to boost their bone health, they may find a surprising ally in CBD.

CBD and the Skeletal Cannabinoid System

CBD, at its core, is a chemical compound whose effect on the human body occurs due to the way the compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system. This system runs through almost every part of the body, including its bones.

When CBD introduces itself to the skeletal cannabinoid system, it has a remarkable effect on the healing powers of the human body.

One study found that CBD stimulated the biochemical healing properties in bone fractures. This improved the bone’s maximum weight load and toughness over eight weeks.

CBD for Osteoporosis

Using CBD for fragile bones is another practical application of this natural compound. CBD helps combat the loss of bone density caused by osteoporosis by spurring regeneration. Further, CBD has shown to be effective in battling pain and inflammation, making it easier to manage this painful disease.

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