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Acute Pain: What Is It, and How Can CBD Oil Help?

Unlike chronic pain, acute pain is sharp, sudden, and severe. While it is often fleeting, it typically has a clear underlying cause that must be treated to eliminate the pain. Research suggests that CBD oil helps minimize acute pain by reducing inflammation and encouraging pain receptors to respond quickly and efficiently.

What Is Acute Pain? 

Acute pain is sharp, sudden, and usually fleeting. Whereas chronic pain can last for months and often lacks an apparent cause, the opposite is true for acute pain, which tends to occur as the direct result of an underlying issue. Once that issue has been identified and treated, the pain typically disappears just as suddenly as it began. 

What Are Examples of Acute Pain?

There are a number of illnesses and accidents that can result in acute pain. A few of the most common include:

•         Cuts and bruises

•         Burns

•         Tooth pain or excision

•         Broken or sprained bones

•         Injury

•         Surgery

Since these issues are often visible to the naked eye, most patients find it easy to determine what causes acute pain. This enables patients to access fast, effective treatments even from the comfort of their own homes. 

How Can CBD Oil Help? 

Using CBD for inflammation may be an effective method to relieve acute pain, as inflammation often causes or accompanies that pain. Additionally, CBD oil helps your body’s pain receptors operate properly. The role of the endocannabinoid system is to identify and respond to perceived bodily dysfunction, illness, or injury. CBD interacts with the system’s receptors by aiding in the release of chemicals that reduce inflammation and pain. 

Studies suggest that CBD oil is a viable option for the at-home treatment of acute pain. Used in conjunction with medical advice and treatments, CBD oil continues to pave the road toward better researched and thus more effective natural remedies.

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