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How Does CBD Oil Interact With Cholesterol Levels?


Though known as the silent killer, cholesterol helps maintain healthy cell growth. Yet in high quantities, it can cause major damage to our health and well-being.

High cholesterol levels are usually due to diet and a lack of exercise. There is currently no evidence that CBD can directly lower cholesterol levels. However some research suggest that CBD can improve heart health, lowering blood pressure, and increase metabolism levels.

Cholesterol is the silent killer. It’s in our food and diet, but we don’t really see it, yet it can cause major damage to our health and well-being. With CBD use on the rise for plenty of reasons, could this non-psychoactive cannabis-derivative help drive our collective cholesterol levels down?

What Is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol in and of itself isn’t bad. It helps produce essential aspects of our bodily systems and keeps them functioning as they should. Cholesterol serves as a regulator of membrane fluidity, meaning it helps maintain  and grow healthy cell growth. Further, your body actually produces the amount of cholesterol it needs for healthy function.

What Causes High Cholesterol?

High cholesterol levels typically stem from two main sources: diet and lack of exercise. When you work out, your body beginsbeings to produce and retain HDL, generally considered the “good” cholesterol. Also, when you eat foods high in saturated and trans fats, your body begins to retain LDL, the “bad” cholesterol. So, while genetics may play a role, the source of cholesterol is somewhat under an individual’s control.

Does CBD Lower Cholesterol?

The quick answer is no. There is no evidence CBD can directly lower cholesterol levels. More research is needed to better understand the role between CBD and cholesterol. However, per some recent research, CBD can improve heart health. For instance, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD may play a role in lowering blood pressure, a common side effect of high cholesterol. Another study found that CBD oil increases metabolism levels, which may help people achieve a healthier weight.

There’s no doubt that high cholesterol levels can have a major impact on your life. If you’re concerned about your cholesterol levels and have had trouble achieving the results you want with your current treatment options, make sure to discuss this with your doctor. They can set you up with alternatives that are best suited for your specific needs.

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