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FDA’s Claim: “CBD Has the Potential to Harm You”

FDA Claim

In March 2020, the FDA warned about the lack of scientific research around CBD. Some limited research state that CBD can cause liver damage or injury and that I may affect the metabolism of other drugs. However, CBD has shown to possess many benefits: management of anxiety, stress, and pain.

While the current scientific consensus is there is no evidence pure CBD doesn’t cause widespread public harm, CBD products exist in another reality. As recently as March 2020, the FDA warned about the lack of scientific research around CBD. These concerns are well-founded, as more research needs to be done to ensure CBD’s benefits and an entirely new regulatory framework needs to be enacted to ensure that CBD products sold throughout the country are safe to use.

The Concerns of the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration is the government agency empowered to make sure our food and medicine are safe for use and live up to any stated claims of benefits. The lack of research into CBD makes it difficult for the FDA to rule one way or the other regarding CBD’s safety.

The need for more knowledge about CBD also makes it difficult for the FDA to evaluate the claims many companies make regarding their CBD products. Further, without an inspection process, there is no way for the FDA to detect impurities in CBD oil or whether the ingredients listed on the packaging match the ingredients of the actual product. To put it simply, unlicensed CBD may harm you.

The Potential Harms of CBD

That said, the FDA does have some concerns regarding CBD usage by individuals. Some research has shown that CBD can cause liver injury or damage. Other research shows that CBD may affect the metabolism of other drugs, causing them to linger in your system far longer than intended.

The Potential of CBD

Despite these rightful concerns, CBD still has a lot of benefits. Science points to its impact in mitigating anxiety, stress, and pain. Buying CBD from a trusted source is essential. You can also remove doubt about what is in your CBD oil by making it yourself in your kitchen. If you’re concerned about CBD use and want to make sure you’re making the healthiest choice for you and your body, reach out to your doctor. They can discuss the benefits and potential harms as well as make sure you’re following all available scientific and legal guidance.

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