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CBD Vaping Absorption Rate

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Bioavailability of CBD is the rate at which CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. Ingesting CBD orally is the least effective method with a 10-20% bioavailability rate. A sublingual form of delivery has a rate of between 13-29%. Inhaling CBD is the most effective delivery method with a rate of 34-46%. Topical CBD methods such as creams and salves are not absorbed into the bloodstream.

Recent changes in legislation have created vast opportunities for hemp and CBD. Studies abound regarding CBD as an emerging therapy and its health benefits for myriad illnesses such as depression, arthritis and epilepsy. New products are introduced to the market daily to meet the demands of the public. Products vary from oils to creams and even gum and each has its own CBD absorption rate.

How much CBD is needed to be effective, and what is the best delivery method? One way to answer that question is by bioavailability. What is bioavailability, you ask?

The bioavailability of CBD refers to how much and the rate at which it is absorbed in your bloodstream. Bioavailability helps you identify the best dose and route of administration of CBD to ensure a proper dose actually ends up in your system. Too much or too little is not helpful either way so proper dosing and administration method is important.

Delivery Methods and Bioavailability

  • Oral — Ingesting CBD is the least effective method with a 10-20% bioavailability rate
  • Sublingual — A sublingual is a form of delivery, such as a tincture, which is placed under the tongue and held until swallowed. Studies estimate the bioavailability for this method to be between 13-19%, but some studies came in much higher. 
  • Intranasal — Inhaling is the most effective delivery method with reports indicating a bioavailability rate of 34-46%
  • Topical — Creams and salves can’t be quantified for their bioavailability because they are not absorbed into the bloodstream. However, they do provide pain relief the acute areas and do so at an effective rate of speed. 

CBD bioavailability can’t be altered, but the way you administer it can. CBD is commonly applied as a topical treatment for pain. For other issues, though, inhaling through vaping provides the best absorption rate. Just be sure to purchase your CBD products from a reliable, reputable source.

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