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Is There Potential for CBD in Treating Hepatitis Type D?

Hepatitis D is one of the five forms of hepatitis viral infections. The illness can lead to liver inflammation and put the individual at risk for impaired function as well as cancer and liver scarring. Using CBD for HCV, one of the other types of hepatitis, shows some promise, but is it beneficial in treating hepatitis D?

CBD oil is derived from either the hemp or the cannabis plants. It is touted as a cure for numerous medical conditions. While the two plants have been widely used outside of the U.S. and throughout human history to treat physical and mental ailments, research in the United States is only just beginning to reveal the potential of this chemical compound. CBD for chronic hepatitis may have promise, but does it work for hepatitis Type D?

What Is Hepatitis D?

Hepatitis D is an infection that is caused by the hepatitis D virus. The viral infection is rare within the U.S., but those who get it are at risk for inflammation of the liver. Complications from the virus can lead to impaired liver functioning, scarring and cancer.

Like other variations of hepatitis, Type D does not always cause symptoms; thus, many people do not know they have it. If they do occur, the symptoms of hepatitis D include:

•         Abdominal pain

•         Pain in the joints

•         Dark-colored urine

•         Jaundice 

•         Vomiting

•         Overall fatigue

•         Lack of appetite

Can CBD Help with Hepatitis D?

There has been some research on using CBD for HCV and HBV, which are the C and D types. The results demonstrated that CBD slows the process of viral hepatitis for HCV, but it was ineffective for HBV. In addition, laboratory tests have found that using CBD for inflammation is effective. Therefore, it may confer some benefits in treating liver inflammation. However, it should be noted that there is not enough research on CBD for Type D hepatitis to suggest that it would be effective in treating this particular viral infection.

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